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Please see the great opportunity below!


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FYI below and attached …

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HI Dr. Tinsley
See the below and attached Call for Mentee Applications information.

“All great achievements require time.” -David J. Schwartz

Fawn T. Robinson, Ph.D., NCC, ACS, LPC
President, PAMCD (Pennsylvania)
Chair, 2019 AMCD Mentoring Program


The Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development (AMCD) is now accepting applications for the 2020 Mentoring Program.

In 1992, the AMCD Mentoring Program was developed by Dr. Quincy Moore to provide access and support to graduate students through mentorship. During the programs conception a three-pronged approach was used which included (a) student's exposure to a panel of professionals, (b) a college fair for recruitment purposes, and (c) an opportunity for students to network via a professional reception. Since then, the Mentoring program has continued to evolve and grow with added elements like the Research Symposium and opportunities for students and new professionals to assist with AMCD's Annual Service Day.

In this way, the AMCD's Mentoring Program is designed to have a positive influence on AMCD at the organizational level (i.e., leadership nationally and statewide) and the participant level (i.e., mentor and mentee). The goal of the AMCD Mentoring Program is to make sure that our mentees: are in an appropriate context for self-discovery, gaining a sense of direction and purpose, and developing the professional and leadership skills while being surrounded by AMCD mentors, leadership team, and members to assist with their professional process.

Each year, AMCD Mentoring Program Committee selects 3-5 students/ new professionals to be AMCD mentees. The mentees are matched with a AMCD mentor who will provide mentorship by playing an active role in the mentee's professional development during conferences and throughout their career journey. Also, the mentors will assist in the development and creation of the mentee's Research Poster for the AMCD Mentee Research Symposium at the ACA Conference.

Selected mentees will attend the ACA 2020 Conference in San Diego, CA (April 15-19, 2020) and serve as volunteers for the various AMCD sponsored events. Also, the selected mentees will receive full registration reimbursement for the ACA Conference and receive a AMCD Luncheon ticket. Overall, AMCD mentees will participate in the following events:

Attend the ACA 2020 Conference in San Diego, CA (April 15-19, 2020)

  *   Attend the AMCD Past President's Reception
  *   Attend the AMCD Graduate Student Reception
  *   Attend the AMCD Luncheon
  *   Attendance at your choice of AMCD concerns and regional meeting
  *   Volunteer at the AMCD Booth
  *   Volunteer at the AMCD Day of Service
  *   Present at the AMCD Mentee Research Symposium

Two types of applications are being accepted for the mentoring program:

  1.  Graduate counseling students (e.g., masters or doctoral level)
  2.  New professional (applicants that have graduated with no more than 3 years of professional experience)

To be eligible for the Mentoring Program, applicants must:
(a) Be an AMCD member (must be a member at the time you submit your application packet)
(b) Be a graduate student or a new professional
(c) Submit an application packet - Due by December 15th

  *   Application Cover Sheet (see attached)
  *   Letter of Interest

     *   A 1-page document highlighting the reasons why you are interested in being an AMCD Mentee

  *   Letter of Support from a current AMCD member

     *   The letter must show knowledge of AMCD and include reference to your proposed research and your need for mentorship

  *   Graduate Students Only – Letter from your advisor verifying graduate status
  *   Submit a Research Proposal

     *   The research proposal should mirror a multicultural issue reflected in the mission and goals of AMCD. The proposal should be well-organized and provide a clear rationale, a clear population of interest, an argument for the need of the study, an explanation of methodology, and an idea about how you plan to analyze the data. Lastly, implications for the field of professional counseling and/or counselor education and supervision should be explored. The proposal should adhere to APA 6th edition guidelines, and be no longer than two (2) pages in length, single-spaced.

Application materials must be received by December 15, 2019 - 11:59pm (EST)
Email your application materials (in one document) to the AMCD Mentoring Program Committee Chair - Dr. Fawn Robinson at Ftrobinsonphd at gmail.com<mailto:Ftrobinsonphd at gmail.com>
All applicants will receive notification of the decisions by January 15, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact the following individuals:

  *   Application Questions - Masters Level Students & New Professionals  - Contact Ashlei Rabess, Graduate Liaison - arabess1 at student.gsu.edu<mailto:arabess1 at student.gsu.edu>
  *   Application Questions - Doctoral Level Students & New Professionals - Contact Shuhui Fan, Graduate Liaison - sfan04 at email.wm.edu<mailto:sfan04 at email.wm.edu>
  *   For general questions regarding the AMCD Mentoring Program, contact Dr. Fawn Robinson - ftrobinsonphd at gmail.com<mailto:ftrobinsonphd at gmail.com>

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