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Subject: ACA Updates


·       Community: San Diego ACA Annual Conference and Expo registration has launched<https://www.counseling.org/conference/home>!  Please share with your ACA Division members and don’t forget to register while the rates are low!

·       Advocacy:  The Government Affairs team is excited to announce the hiring of Dania Lofton, JD who will lead our Grassroots program throughout the country. Dania is currently working on a strategy to address our Government Affairs/Public Policy agenda. Later this month you will have the opportunity to learn more about her plans to support our profession and clients. Stay tuned for her invite to her 1st grassroots update call.

o   The ACA GA team with Rep. David Trone (MD-06) to provide support to the proposed Higher Education Mental Health Act of 2019<https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/1204/text>. The bill would address the growing number of students in higher education with mental health concerns by establishing a national commission to study mental health concerns of students in the university setting. This commission would bring together stakeholders that represent disability and student advocacy groups, institutions of higher education, individuals and students with disabilities, and family members of students enrolled in our nations universities and colleges. This commission would be responsible for releasing a report bringing to light the services  available to students, and bring light to current and needed mental health policies to support students in need throughout their college career. The recommendations from the report will allow for tangible actions that can be used to address mental health concerns of students.

o   The ACA GA team along with ACA Public Policy and Legislative Committee Co-Chair Dr. Matt Flynn, and Rich Yep, CEO met with the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) to discuss Medicare Reimbursement as well as the proposed SUPPORT Act<https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/6>. This act would identify Licensed Professional Counselors as a provider within the Opioid Treatment Program (OTP’s). This is a vital step toward our licensed professional being recognized as providers under the Medicare regulations. The American Counseling Association will provide comments to show how our members can support this act.

·       Practice Support:  INTERSTATE COMPACT UPDATE:  ACA believes that the lack of counselor licensure portability is one of the most critical issues facing the profession, and, in fact, may even impact the future of the profession.

o   The ACA Governing Council voted at their October 2018 to allocate funding, and in January 2019 ACA signed a contract with the Center for State Governments’ Council for Interstate Compacts (NCIC) to conduct the work.  NCIC uses a three step process.

o   We are currently in phase 1, which is the creation of an advisory board and creation of a draft compact.  Members of the advisory board include state legislators who are LPCs, executive directors of state licensing boards, attorneys for state licensing boards, and licensed counselors.  The first meeting of the board will be in October 2019 in DC.

o   NCIC oversees the process.  The advisory board will work with NCIC staff and attorneys throughout the three phases.  This will no longer be an ACA project and ACA will have no oversight of what is developed, although ACA will be able to provide input to the draft along with other stakeholder organizations.

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